Cornerstone Counseling provides compassionate, affordable, and highly effective counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. We help people develop new ways of thinking, communicating and behaving to help them improve their overall well-being and the quality of their relationships.


Our Mission

Cornerstone Counseling partners with couples, families and individuals to achieve spiritual, physical, and emotional health and well-being through caring, Christian principles and effective, evidence-based therapeutic practices.

You have taught me so many useful tools... I have not only gained an expert, but also a friend.
— Former Cornerstone Counseling client

What We've Achieved

  • Reduced Depression symptoms
  • Eliminated Panic Attacks
  • Improved Relationship Satisfaction
  • Improved Academic, Occupational & Social functioning
  • Overcome debilitating effects of PTSD
  • Reduced Anxiety Symptoms
  • Improved Self-Esteem and Assertiveness
  • Eliminated Substance Abuse